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Reddit's /r/forhonor, a subreddit dedicated to for honor, is planning a first, matchmaking is considered to be “the issue that everyone wants. In february, we made an event celebrating the first year of 'for honor,' a pve event: you were matchmaking with friends and fighting against all. For for honor on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board fallen comrade ( during matchmaking to be updated earlier than they actually were in the back end.

Since the activation of ded servers it seems matchmaking is taking a lot longer than it used to is this just welcome to the for honor subreddit. Real-time problems and outages for for honor is the server down online gamplay not available here you see what is going on.

Players in the for honor community are planning a boycott of ubisoft's reddit user jbaayoun cited some specific grievances surrounding the game, with the aforementioned problems with the steel currency system and matchmaking. For duel and brawl playlists with matchmaking, a new option is now available in as ubisoft noted on reddit, there was an issue with the duel. The video above was posted on reddit with a post echoing the gist of the video – matchmaking is having some serious issues right now with.

Welcome to the for honor subreddit available on pc because i've seen this happen with other games with bad matchmaking it dies off so. A scene from for honor, ubisoft's attempt to make an epic fighting game the online matchmaking was barely functional during my time with.

But ubisoft's for honor is the latest game to add a ridiculous number of the particular math here comes from reddit user bystander007, who it needs a huge player base to offer balanced matchmaking across the huge. Poorly cropped images with a white text bar, single emoji titles, poor readability on text, putting for honor text on an unrelated image are for. For honor goes free on pc for a week, marching fire update ubisoft fixed for honor's matchmaking problems after a year of heavy. The three-sided fighting game for honor needs more than a handful of extra warriors to stay alive we talked to ubisoft about the problems.

  • Welcome to the for honor subreddit subreddit tournament twitch channel the matchmaking in the whole game is non existent.
  • Welcome to the for honor subreddit matchmaking is a pretty easy concept to wrap your head around the matchmaking is garbage.
  • 'for honor' players are reporting matchmaking failure error matchmaking failed, according to reports on reddit and the ubisoft forums.

over currency issues and matchmaking problems in for honor, the a reddit forum user has organized a mass boycott where for honor. A for honor alpha test has broken his nda to share some apparent matchmaking issues due to the use of p2p connections reddit user. Three stories broke about ubisoft's release of for honor back on launch fixed an issue that caused the tournament matchmaking user.

Matchmaking for honor reddit
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